Kids Martial Arts And The Benefits Through Training In Our Growing Gorillas Program At Spartan Fitness MMA In Birmingham, Al

Here at Spartan Fitness, we take pride in our Growing Gorillas program. It is by far top of the line when it comes to self-confidence, self-discipline, self-defense, and “bullyproofing” your child. We have classes for ages 4 years old all the way to teenagers. Growing Gorillas is a curriculum that teaches kids personal development and life skills through martial arts. The program’s main focus is to instruct children in the values of respect, confidence, and leadership skills, so they can be successful on the mat and in life.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Class

“My kids thoroughly enjoy martial arts. It has taught them so much in a small amount of time, I could never see them without it!

– Cynthia Araujo

We know that each child has their own set of challenges and strengths that make their learning experience in the Growing Gorillas Program unique. Our approach values the importance of respecting developmental stages, while still encouraging children to challenge themselves as they develop new skills. Our youth classes are safe, fun, and promote lifelong values of commitment and discipline.

Mixed martial arts can also teach children to live a healthy, active lifestyle and will give them the skills necessary to maintain that lifestyle. Getting into good eating and exercising habits at a young age can greatly reduce your child’s risk of obesity and diabetes.

Children can benefit greatly through the practice of mixed martial arts. The sport can bring many things into a child’s life including confidence, respect, maturity, discipline, physical and mental health. Having your child involved in mixed martial arts can teach them them the discipline, respect and self-control necessary to avoid fights and defend themselves when conflict is unavoidable. Every martial artist ultimately learns this sense of respect and true confidence. Your child will learn that confidence and respect for others comes from a deep sense of self-knowledge and control.

Growing Gorillas is an amazing, comprehensive martial arts and life skills program, perfect for kids of all ages, with a focus on learning through play. Bully prevention is another foundational concept of Growing Gorillas, because we know that two things can ruin a child’s life: being bullied and being a bully.

As parents ourselves, we understand that it takes a village to raise a child. With your child in the Growing Gorillas program, you can be ease knowing that there is a community of trustworthy people helping to watch over and guide him or her towards their passions, dreams, and goals.

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