• I have struggled with weight for years and to finally lose 100 lbs. feels awesome and I couldn’t have done it without the support of Spartan Fitness. I am so thankful and I truly appreciate the support I feel every day I step into your gym.

    Lauren Bradshaw
  • Great place to go whether you're interested in competition or just getting in great shape. Good atmosphere for training and meeting new people and great coaching as well. Regardless of your level of talent or fitness, you will be encouraged to improve and results are guaranteed as long as you dedicate the time and stay consistent.

    Ryan Fredrick
  • Spartan Fitness has been home to my family for over 6 years. They are phenomenal people that truly care about their clients. All of the coaches are very knowledgeable in everything they teach. I love to take the strength and conditioning classes. Coach Omar takes the time to explain each exercise so you know exactly what you are working and how to do it properly. The one thing I like the most is that every class is different and you work our your full body! You'll always feel great about the workout and Coach Omar is super fun to take class with! The atmosphere is always great and we have an awesome time!

    Kayla Shaffer
  • I have trained with Chris and the Spartan Family for over three years and still plan my week around how many days I think I can train. I look forward to every session. The staffs goal is to train you correctly/safely, train hard, and have fun. You get to train with world class athletes. There are no egos in this place, just friendly faces. I'm 4... something and I'm in better shape than I was at 30 because of Spartan/MMA. As long as I remain in this area I will train here, and as long as I'm able, I will train MMA. Who wants to run on a treadmill when you can become a martial artist? One Tribe One Vibe.

    Brett Gould
  • Gwen Pruitt
  • James Bradberry
  • Keira Collins
  • Kelly Kenzik
  • Michael Ray
  • Miranda Chappel
  • Cameron Kostoff
  • Cynthia Araujo
  • Kevin Gregoire
  • Phillip Ervin
  • Besse Richey
  • Shane Spray
  • Todd Stewart
  • The most fun you can have getting a workout. Within one month of joining Spartan fitness, I was already in the best shape of my life. The staff knows MMA in and out, and the gym is always patient with newcomers.

    Robert Ring
  • Spartan Fitness gave me confidence in myself again. I was out of shape, never motivated to workout, and never had encouragement to workout. Once I joined Spartan Fitness in November of 2014, I knew I was hooked! Their classes are great, the coaches are amazing, and the experiences are unforgettable!

    Cameron Kostoff
  • Spartan fitness is a great place for anyone. It is a great choice to get in shape without being on a boring machine but also a great place to learn a new skill and take up a new challenge. Everyone is super friendly and the gym feels like a family. I highly recommend coming in and checking it out.

    Ellen Rehme
  • I have been training in kickboxing, Mui Thai, and mixed martial arts for 15 years at many different gyms in the US and Canada and this is by far the best one. Chris has it set up to accommodate everyone from first timers up to professional fighters. Being that I have trained for a while I also appreciate being treated like a fighter rather than a female fighter, it is a small distinction, but it makes a big difference. Everyone is treated equally at Spartan. If you are interested in training in mixed martial arts and you do not sign up for Spartan Fitness you are making a mistake.

    Natalie Harrison
  • Spartan Fitness has changed my life in so many positive ways! From my very first day, I have felt that I was receiving amazing coaching. I left Birmingham and moved to Miami for two years. I never found as good quality of training that I received at home. Next to being closer to my family, I couldn't wait to see everyone at Spartan Fitness. Great people. Great training. Don't waste your time and money at other gyms. Make your way to the best MMA gym in Alabama.

    Katie Watkins
  • I have been training at Spartan Fitness for going on 4 years. I can't explain how much this place means to me. I've lost almost 50lbs, gained confidence, and am a completely different person thanks to the hard work and great coaching of the staff. Whatever the reason you are considering Spartan Fitness, you can't go wrong. The coaching staff are amazing. The people I train with are amazing. The way I feel when I leave there is even more amazing. If you are reading this review, I urge you to give Chris a call now. You will NOT regret it.

    Mark Freeman
  • This is the best MMA Program in the South! In 2013, after 2 years of training in Gadsden, Alabama, I began looking for the best Mixed Martial Arts gym with the best coaches, and the best fighters! After my first training session, I was surprised at the world class level of coaching I had found-- especially at home here in Birmingham! After coming home from Wrestling in college, Spartan Fitness helped me get into the best shape of my entire life! I can't imagine trusting anybody else with my MMA training as a Fighter!

    Matt Elkins
  • The top gym in Birmingham, Alabama... Regardless of your goals or Intrests this gym has it all. From fitness and weight-loss to competition training and the elite training crew in alabama. I guarantee you might be overwhelmed but never disappointed. Training for all levels, so come see what Chris and the spartan elite fitness team has to offer for your personal goals!!!!

    Nick Parten
  • Spartan Fitness is not only the best gym to train for various combat sports, but also the best gym to achieve your personal fitness goals in a fun and friendly environment. Spartan Fitness has amazing coaches, athletes, and training partners who can do nothing but help you reach your goals, whether those goals be competing in combat sports or simply getting healthier. Aside from the medals and the achievements of this gym, the reason this truly is the best gym around is because we're all family here, no intimidation factors. I've been training here for years now, and everyone has always come together to help each other improve. Come train at the gym where you're not only getting results and progressing in your goals, but also making friends along the way.

    Dino Srabovic
  • Chris Connelly is a masterful coach. He is down to and very knowledgeable. He makes learning fun and keeps things safe from newbie to veterans. If you are looking to learn he is your man.

    Steve Winjet
  • This is where you want to be if you want MMA training in Birmingham. These guys are amazing and they have so much mat space. Come check them out.

    Frank Skrobot
  • The energy and support here are great! The level of expertise of the trainers at Spartan is unmatched. I look forward to every day I train.

    Paula Crigler Boggan
  • I had a chance to train with Chris at spring camp in niagara falls. The energy and vibe this man brings to the mats is unbelievable. Check him out! You won't be disappointed.

    David James
  • A wonderful martial arts establishment. The coaches and staff welcome anyone and everyone with open arms. They are all very professional and skilled. No matter what your fitness goals are, they will help you achieve them. Would definitely recommend to friends and family.

    Rob Ashline
  • This is the best place for anyone! The coaches are great and the the staff is great also! I would recommend Spartan Fitness to anyone who wants to improve their body and mind! They are great with kids and adults!

    Daniel D'Armond
  • Hands down THE top gym in Bama for whatever you're looking to accomplish. MMA, BJJ, Muay Thai, or just looking to get in peak physical shape, the coaches and staff at Spartan Fitness have got your back and will guide you toward meeting said goals. Stop searching, here's what you're looking for.

    Kevin Knight
  • Simply the best place to train in Birmingham. Men, women, and children there is a class for you. Learn the basics of Muay Thai kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu, MMA, Boxing and Conditioning from experienced coaches. All the coaches have fought or competed professionally and successfully in their disciplines. Learn some skills while getting in great shape. Any class at Spartan Fitness is a better workout than 99% of the classes at whatever big box gym you're at now. Don't workout; train.

    As a woman, punching and kicking with a partner, working pads, has changed my life. It's rare that you get to play the agressor. In the gym we do it everyday, in a safe, supportive, controlled environment. You do not have to be a fighter to train like one. It's like recess for grown-ups (although there is a kids class too). Don't workout; train.

    Katherine Pezzillo

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