Spartan Fitness MMA: Wrapping Up December with Gratitude, Celebration, and Community Spirit

As we bid farewell to the last month of the year, all of us here at Spartan Fitness MMA are buzzing with gratitude. December was filled with fun events, community involvement, and significant milestones. We’d like to take a moment to recap the exciting happenings that made this December a memorable one for our tribe.


Toys for Tots Drive

At the heart of our community is the spirit of giving, and this December, Spartan Fitness MMA proudly became a Toys for Tots drop site. Thanks to the incredible generosity of our tribe members, the response exceeded all expectations, with overflowing donations that will undoubtedly bring joy to countless children during the holiday season. The warmth of our community shone through as we came together to make a positive impact beyond the walls of our gym.



Ugly Sweater Christmas Karaoke Party

Laughter, music, and festive attire took center stage this past weekend at our Ugly Sweater Christmas Karaoke Party. Our tribe members showcased their creative and humorous side with an array of quirky sweaters, and the karaoke performances created a heartwarming atmosphere and sense of camaraderie. Danger Dave, our karaoke master, says that karaoke helps your martial arts practice by preparing you for competition in front of a crowd and we find it hard to disagree with that!



BJJ Belt Promotion Ceremony

December also marked a significant chapter in the journey of some of our dedicated members as we hosted a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) Belt Promotion Ceremony on Sunday the 17th. We celebrated the achievements of one new black belt, one new brown belt, five new purple belts, and an impressive 13 new blue belts. Everyone that earned a new belt has shown commitment to bettering themselves and their practice over years of hard work. Through trials and triumphs, they have shown trust in the process, and we are proud to have them representing our team. These achievements not only reflect the hard work and dedication of our members but also underscore the supportive community that thrives within Spartan Fitness MMA.





Christmas Special for New Enrollment

As a token of appreciation for the continued support from our community, Spartan Fitness MMA is extending its Christmas special for new enrollments for one more week. This is a fantastic opportunity for individuals to kickstart their martial arts and fitness journey with us, benefiting from our professional MMA, BJJ, and Muay Thai coaches, diverse classes, and the welcoming atmosphere that defines our tribe.


December at Spartan Fitness MMA was a month of generosity, joy, and achievement. From the overwhelming success of our Toys for Tots drive to the festive revelry of our Ugly Sweater Christmas Karaoke Party and the inspiring Belt Promotion Ceremony, our community has once again proven that we are more than just a gym—we are a tribe. Spartan Fitness MMA is committed to fostering a community where individuals can achieve their fitness goals, forge lasting connections, and experience the transformative power of martial arts. As we embark on a new year, we look forward to continuing this journey together, supporting each other’s aspirations and celebrating the victories, big and small, that lie ahead. Cheers to a fantastic December and an even brighter 2024 for the Spartan Fitness MMA/SBG Alabama tribe! 

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