Spartan Fitness MMA Shines at the WAKO USA National Championships

The WAKO USA National Championships were held in Nashville this past weekend, and Spartan Fitness MMA was well-represented with six competitors in the mix. The team performed exceptionally well, taking home four gold medals and one bronze from the 3-day national kickboxing tournament.


Four of Spartan Fitness MMA’s competitors- Quadarrius McGinnis, Evan Dascher, Steven Lopez, and Ricky Palma- emerged as national champions, showcasing their skills in their respective divisions. The team’s success was a testament to their hard work and dedication to the sport, and they proved that they are a force to be reckoned with in the kickboxing world. And now, Quadarrius McGinnis and Ricky Palma are qualified for the WAKO World Championships, which will be held this November in Lisbon, Portugal!


WAKO USA National Championships are a highly competitive event, attracting some of the best kickboxers from across the country. To come out on top in such a challenging environment is no small feat, and Spartan Fitness MMA’s impressive showing is evidence of the quality of their training.


We are so proud of the way everyone performed and especially proud of the way they represented their team. Whether it’s MMA, BJJ, or kickboxing, Spartan Fitness MMA always brings the heat and is always in each other’s corners when it counts. Congratulations to all competitors for their successes!

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