Spartan Fitness MMA Birmingham Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Team Upcoming Competitions

The Spartan Fitness MMA Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) team has a packed schedule of upcoming competitions, with several events happening in the next few weeks. The team is fired up and ready to go, with a dedicated coaching staff behind them.


First up is the IBJJF in Nashville, TN on April 22nd, where we’ll have 10 competitors test their skill in the Music City. The following weekend on April 29th we will be hosting the Gorilla Cup, an in-house jiu-jitsu tournament which provides a great opportunity for all skill levels to test the waters of competition in a safe and friendly environment. Kids will start at 10am and adults will start at 12pm. We will have brackets for all skill levels so don’t hesitate to register and gain valuable competition experience!


After that, the team will head to Atlanta for the IBJJF tournament on May 6th, followed by the AGF Birmingham competition on May 13th.  These events are always highly competitive, and the Spartan Fitness MMA BJJ team is looking forward to putting their hard work to the test.


In addition to the competitions, we will be holding an adult belt promotion on May 20th.  We encourage everyone to participate and support your teammates in celebration of them earning and new belts and recognizing their hard work and dedication to the sport of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. After the promotion, we will have a gym social and continue the celebration with food and drink so be sure to come out and support the tribe!


Be sure to follow the Spartan Fitness MMA BJJ team as they compete over the next several weeks and don’t forget to register for the Gorilla Cup!


April 22nd– IBJJF Nashville

April 29th– Gorilla Cup

May 6th – IBJJF Atlanta

May 13th – AGF Birmingham

May 20th – adult belt promotion

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