Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Wrestling Tournament Recap from Spartan Fitness MMA Birmingham- AL

Ten of our white belts competed this weekend at the Gi and No Gi Alabama State Championship and we came back with almost a dozen metals! It was a joyous experience for both the #whitebeltmafia and the other tribe members that came to support. The Spartan Fitness Coaches and team prepared the competitors for weeks ahead of time and everyone’s hard work paid off. And if we’re being literal, the Coaches have been equipping their students for battle from the moment they first stepped on the mat. Be sure to congratulate Alexander, Collier, Tyler, Josh, Miranda, Sarah, Pedro, Brent, Yasmine, and Michaux when you see them on the mat! White belts are people too!


Coach Roger and Coach Kenned provided (screamed) their wisdom from the sidelines, and we couldn’t be more thankful for them. During competition is when you need your coaches the most, and they never fail to show up. 


The Spartan wrestling team, run by Coach Seth, also competed this weekend at the State Prep Showdown wrestling tournament. They took home a gold medal, three bronze medals, and several first place rings. Well done Landon, Thomas, River, Mason and Dom! 



Competing is by no means a necessity, but it is also nothing to be afraid of. Take this success as encouragement and motivation to compete! Every one of our tribe members that competed on Saturday is in the early stages of their Jiu Jitsu or wrestling journey, and they still got out there and honored the SBG family. You can do it too! We’ve got each other if nothing else. The worst thing you can do is lose, and what’s the harm in that? You’re not going to get stronger or improve your game by competing against someone half your size and with half your skills. You learn through failure, and the mistakes you make during a match are ones you will likely never make again. What are you afraid of? You will either win, learn, or both. 


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