Meet your NEW gym!

Welcome home everyone! As you all know, so much time, work and energy has been put into opening the doors to the new spot, and even though there are still posters to hang and showers to install, we couldn't wait any longer to share it with you guys- the tribe. Thank you for your patience and continued support that we lean on, we couldn’t have done it without you!


Now for the formal introduction: here are some features of the new place that we’re particularly excited about and that continue to set Spartan Fitness apart.



5200sq/ft of mat space!  

This is twice the space we had at the old spot, and with a custom made and designed padded hip wall, it’s a true 5,200 square feet: you can roll all the way to the edge without worrying about getting hurt. 



The Bag Rack from Heaven

Or the one custom ordered, made in the UK and shipped over on a boat, same thing. LOOK at this thing, TEN bags (with even more to come), all of which can shift right or left to create more space to work around. And… have you seen them yet? Because yes, those are MONKEY BARS, all the way across. 


UFC P.I. is that you?

Wait no, that’s just SBG Alabama with a half octagon, the only one in the state. You can’t find these cage panels just anywhere, hand constructed and custom padded with love by the one and only Tony Ray, they are seriously one of a kind.



Stepping up the Strength and Conditioning Game 

Brand new kettlebells, dumbbells, battle ropes, a new sled and treadmill and that’s only the beginning. Come June 23, we will have a 24 ft rig with 6 full racks, and 6 sets of olympic bumper plates and bars. Just wait until you see it.



We’re so happy to be training again, and even happier to be back with the tribe where we all belong. See you on the mats!


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