Bullyproof Workshop: What to Expect

THIS SATURDAY we are hosting our annual BULLYPROOF workshop! 

This event is FREE and you do NOT have to be a member to attend! We will have coffee and snacks for parents during the workshop and we'll send all of the kids home with a gift bag! 

Please make sure your child eats a healthy breakfastbrings a bottle of water, and wears comfortable athletic clothing.

We will have registration starting at 10:30am, get the kids on the mat by 11:00am, and wrap up at 1:00pm!

Check out this video from Coach Chris to know more about what to expect!

Your child will learn how to walk away from a bully with CONFIDENCEdevelop social skills, and have FUN!

During the workshop we will teach 12 Ways to Walk Away with Confidence and implement our system of the "3 T's" (Talk, Tell, Tackle) to better prepare your child for bullies in a way that gives them confidence and gives you peace of mind. 

 Call us at 205.824.8361 or request more info through our website to RESERVE YOUR SPOT NOW

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