Spartan Fitness Testimonial – Alyssa Dalos

“Spartan Fitness has improved my life because I am in better shape now at 26 than I was at 16. I think part of that is how I am being held accountable here, and the fact that we can come to a variety of classes. It is always dynamic, and ever changing and I think that keeps it interesting.”

“It keeps you showing up consistently and it doesn’t get stale or repetitive, and so it’s easier to keep showing up every week when you know it’s going to be a little bit different every time.”

“I think as a woman it’s very empowering to train this type of martial art. Being able to train with other women, and it being just as normal to train with a guy is important to me. I like that I am able to step on the mat and just be another person on the mat. I also appreciate the community aspect of the gym.”

“You can’t really force community and I think the feel of our community here is unique and special.”

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