BJJ/MMA In Homewood: Professional Training With Professional Coaches

          Knowing how to defend yourself and/or fight is essential. Martial arts are sports, like any other, with rules, regulations, and discipline. All Martial Arts are great to train but they do not teach you how to properly fight. Boxing teaches you how to throw a mean punch, but if the fight goes to the

Kelly and Amanda in Muay Thai class

Kelly and Amanda in Muay Thai class

ground the boxer is “done for”. Muay Thai/Kickboxing shows you how to kick the hell out of someone, but if the fight goes to the ground the Kickboxer is “done for”. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu teaches you how to submit someone on the ground with an arm bar or a choke, but it doesn’t teach stand-up fighting or punching. Wrestling will build massive strength, but has too many rules to ever win a fight. Put all of the Martial Arts training styles together and you have: MIXED MARTIAL ARTS. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) combine all the styles of martial arts training into one package: defending yourself and learning how to fight.

The ultimate aim of Martial Arts is not having to use them”- Miyamoto Mushashi 

          Martial Arts is also a huge confidence booster. That is one of our main goals here at Spartan Fitness. By training martial arts, you know you can handle anything that comes your way, because you expose yourself to challenging situations and try to perform at your best. You are building or “conditioning” your confidence, making it stronger with every class. You are training yourself to focus and perform under pressure.

          When building your confidence and training MMA, it’s very important that each one of your coaches is very knowledgeable of that sport.

BJJ white belts learning basic tecniques

BJJ white belts learning basic techniques

Every coach here at Spartan Fitness is professionally trained in MMA. In fact, over half of them are actually professional fighters! Training at a gym that has high caliber coaches lets you know that you will be trained by the best and in the best, most efficient way possible. Here at Spartan, we have all walks of life that are a part of our Tribe. It is imperative that you have a coach that is able to connect with everyone individually so that our clients can get the most of their martial arts journey.

          The quality of coaching reflects on our students. If you are getting results and meeting your goals, while performing perfect techniques, then it’s a win/win scenario. The Tribe is happy and our coaches get the satisfaction that they have the power to change someone’s life. Our coaches believe that every individual has unlimited potential.

If you are ready to meet goals you never thought were attainable, whether it is in weight, confidence, self-defense, etc., give us a call at 205-824-8361 and come join our Tribe today! Viva SBG!

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