Back to School Buddy Week at Spartan Fitness MMA Birmingham, Al.

buddy week

Back to school doesn’t have to be all bad. It’s Buddy Week at Spartan Fitness MMA Birmingham, Alabama! Bring a friend to try the gym all week for free!! You can bring as many different friends as you like all week long. Bring your friend the week of Sept. 21-27 enter the raffle for each friend you bring in and register to win a free month for your buddy and a $50 gift card for yourself! This offer is good for all kids martial arts and adult martial arts programs.

Muay Thai Kickboxing

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu



Growing Gorillas Kids Martial Arts and Enrichment program

We all have that friend that keeps telling you they want to get back into shape and feel better. That they see how you have been working hard with great results and how much fun you are having while getting fit and living a stress free, healthy lifestyle. Well, it’s time to put up or shut up. Now they can come try our gym all week for free, any class, any style, any day,  all week!!

Don’t you want the best for your friends? Don’t you want them to be healthy and stress free?

We all know martial arts training at Spartan Fitness MMA Birmingham, Alabama is good for your mind body and spirit. We all know, by now, that this is the only workout that you can do where you can develop a new skill, learn realistic and practical self defense, get in phenomenal shape and relieve a huge amount of stress while doing it! So I encourage you to encourage your friends to make the same choice that you did, to start training at Spartan Fitness MMA Birmingham. All classes for guests that come in with a current member the week of September 21st- September 27th will be free! Each friend that you bring in that week will get you a raffle ticket to win a $50 gift card and a free month of training for your friend.


There is your incentive now go spread the word!!

Call us at 205-824-8361 if you need more info.


Chris Conolley





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